The Phoenix Tutorial

Step by Step Web Development with Elixir and Phoenix

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There are lots of great resources for intermediate and advanced developers to learn Elixir and Phoenix, but relatively little for beginners. In addition, the resources that do exist tend to rush past the core web framework features in order to get to the cool advanced features that set the framework apart, like Channels and OTP.

This book aims to be your first Elixir and Phoenix course, but not your last. We'll go into the basics of the language and the framework, giving you a solid foundation so you can crank out simple web apps and be prepared to read and understand the books written on more advanced topics.

We'll also cover one of Phoenix's hottest new features: LiveView, a way to create reactive apps without Javascript.

This course is available as an independent purchase, but it is also included with the All Access Pass.

Note: This is an early-access version. Videos will be added regularly until the course is complete. Once the course is complete, the price will go up.

Your Instructor

Jeffrey Biles
Jeffrey Biles

Jeffrey has been programming for eight years, mostly doing web development.

He's been teaching even longer -- before starting his tech career, he tutored Math, Chemistry, and Physics.

When he's not knee-deep in code he's reading, working out, or writing fantasy novels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions do you use?

In this course we use Elixir 1.8.1 and Phoenix 1.4.4.

However, the code should work for any later versions in the 1.x line, and most of the concepts will still apply even if your job is using an older version in production.

What do I need to know before starting this course?

While I don't expect you to have familiarity with Elixir or web programming, I do expect you to know how to put together a simple program in some language. If you don't meet that standard, here are some good (free) resources:

Why buy the videos when the book is free?

Lots of people -- including myself -- learn programming better from videos than from books.

When I'm reading about code, it takes mental effort to connect the commentary with the code it's talking about, and the context surrounding the code... that's mental effort that could be going towards learning the concepts. Seeing things happen in real-time is so much more efficient than trying to piece together code samples, screenshots, and explanations.

Some big benefits:

  • See how the things change with each new code addition.
  • See the wider context of the app, but still focus in on the relevant code.
  • Watch me solve the exercises. You should still solve them on your own first, of course, but you can compare answers and strategies.
  • If Elixir/Phoenix courses can support me financially, then I'd love to keep making more, on a regular schedule, even past the end of The Phoenix Tutorial. If not, they'll be a labor of love coming out sometime-or-other.

Of course, if you can't buy, then that's okay. I made the text free for a reason.

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