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The web is filled with half-baked tutorials and documentation written for experts. If you have enough time and patience you can cobble together a free education... just make sure to have a skull and a wall that can take all the head-banging you're about to do.

OR you could invest in yourself.

Your time is valuable, so go with a proven teacher who can save you hundreds of dollars of time per course.

If you're part of a team, ask your boss if the company can invest in your growth.

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We're going to have awesome courses about Ember Octane, Elixir/Phoenix, and more.

The first is out now!

For my older courses, check out EmberScreencasts, EmberSchool, and The Phoenix Tutorial.

If you'd like personalized coaching, check out happyprogrammer.net.

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Here's what people have said about some of Jeffrey's previous courses...

"It’s amazing. It’s really wonderful. The structure of it is super great, and I’ve been really blown away by the quality of the content."

- Jonathan Jackson, Co-host of EmberWeekend

"For all you JS devs out there that are interested in Ember, I highly recommend this resource. Very well thought out and clear content!"

- Aaron Larner, former Iron Yard instructor

"The course has been great at making Ember feel much more approachable; I think this is in part due to your focus on getting apps set up quickly and seeing 'real results' during the first course."

- Alex, EmberSchool Student